Friday, 27 June 2008

JFK - Assassination Solved

At the monthly meeting tonight, the collective minds of the Diogenes Club were challenged by Carruthers to finally settle the matter of the Kennedy assassination. It has been rumoured for a number of years that the Diogenes club has inside information on most world events but a careful scrutiny of the club archives revealed that the relevant pages had been mysteriously torn from the book. However this did not prevent Carruthers from presenting his theory.

"The least important information is to do with how many gunmen?... was there anyone on the grassy knoll?... did Lee Harvey Oswald fire the shot?... was he shot from the front or the back? All of that is irrelevant insisted Carruthers. What really matters is who was behind it? Not who pulled the trigger. But who ordered the shooting? Who planned it? Three pieces of evidence point to a government planned killing.

The first is a confession. The real evidence can only come from an insider who alone can tell what happened. Was there such a person? Yes. Howard Hunt - a top man at the Whitehouse. He made a deathbed confession in which he indicated that the main person who benefited from the assassination was the man who planned it. Lyndon Baines Johnson. He and a CIA man, Clyde Tolsen, whose wife Kennedy had taken as one of his mistresses was also involved.

The second is from LBJ's mistress, Madeline Brown . She tells that there was a violent hatred between JFK and LBJ that has never been fully told. On the day before the killing, she said LBJ had a meeting with Howard L. Hunt, J. Edgar Hoover, Clyde Tolsen, Richard M. Nixon, and John J. McCloy. "The group immediately went behind closed doors," she said, "and a short time later Lyndon, anxious and red-faced, reappeared... Squeezing my hand so hard, it felt crushed from the pressure, he spoke with a grating whisper, a quiet growl, into my ear, not a love message, but one I'll always remember: "After tomorrow that Son of a Bitch will not embarrass me any more. That's not a threat its a promise".

The third is the action of the CIA men who were supposed to protect JFK. Video footage shows them being told to stand down before the shot, to their own obvious bewilderment, leaving JFK less protected at the vital moment. Furthermore, in the hospital, the moment JFK was pronounced dead CIA men wheeled the body away to prevent an autopsy and detailed investigation. The lead doctor barred the exit and tried to stop them, but he was flung bodily against the wall and they pushed their way out with JKF's body.

Carruthers was quite convinced that he had solved the crime. And I think I have to agree.
PS: Three men dressed as 'tramps' were found in a rail car in Dallas leaving town at the time of the assassination. They were detained for questioning but later released. It appears that one of the 'tramps' was none other than Howard Hunt.

PPS: By another 'coinicidence' Richard Nixon was also in Dallas on the day of the assassination.