Tuesday, 1 September 2009

American Boycott

It’s astonishing the things you hear around the Diogenes Club these days. I know you will say that it is my own fault, but sometimes you can’t help eavesdropping on certain individuals who have loud voices. I just caught part of the conversation as I was perusing the library shelves. From the other side came two voices;

"You know I think I'm going to start a boycott of American goods."

"I agree with you. In my view the US is the worlds most dangerous entity."

"Absolutely right! They have disrupted more elected democracies than any regime in history. They have bombed and invaded other countries. They supported the IRA terrorists during its bombing campaign. They have run roughshod over the peoples of a dozen different countries: Nicaragua, Vietnam, Palestine, Cambodia, Iraq, Diego Garcia in the Chagos Islands, Palestine, Chile, Panama, El Salvador... They don't obey International Law. They don't observe the Geneva Conventions. They detain thousands without trial in Guantanamo and elsewhere. They have tortured many more in Abu Ghraib. They use extraordinary rendition. They use waterboading. They operate over 800 military bases worldwide. They hold the most powerful WMDs ever created... and they are the only country to have actually used them. And no one dares stand up to them because they dominate all the world financial markets and hold the U.N. hostage with their monetary and military support. "

"You're right. Nobody should apologise for being anti-American . . . wear the badge with pride."

Well of course I walked away at that point. I just can't believe what the club is coming to.